All Medical procedures provided by Skin Health Experts Medical Corporation.


How does it work?

Skin Gym was designed to create a partnership between YOU and our Skin Health Experts. Its aim? To work individually with each client to achieve your optimum skin health and provide a monthly maintenance regimen.


How do I join?
Easy! Simply ask your Skin Health Expert to sign you up! We have a six-month contract for you to sign which designates which service(s) you will come in for each month. We take an imprint of the credit card of your choosing and you’re ready to begin!


What are the savings?
To begin with, your Skin Gym chosen monthly service is discounted 20% from our regular price for the entire six months. Additionally, you will receive 20% off most other services you choose to have* and 10% off Botox®, Dermal Fillers, Liquid Facelift, Cosmelan® and Kate Somerville Skin Care product.


How am I charged?
Within the first five business days of each month, we charge your credit card for the discounted service(s) your Skin Gym membership entitles you to. Any other treatments or products that you apply your Skin Gym discount to are charged at the time of receipt.


Are there other benefits?
Yes! Skin Gym members receive priority bookings, advantage on appointment waitlist, product offers, and contract renewal bonuses!


Anything else I need to know?
Like a gym membership, it’s up to you to maintain your monthly appointments as you will be charged monthly. For your convenience, we can schedule all 6 of your appointments at the time you sign up. If you want to cancel, you must do so within three days of contract signing. We do offer a onetime account freeze for a maximum period of three months which will require written notification to our Skin Gym Administrator. If you want to change your Skin Gym credit card, please come into our clinic so we can take a new card imprint. Any unpaid balances of monthly dues will require payment in full prior to receipt of any treatments.


*Skin Gym discounts are not applicable to the following: Series Purchases, Gift Certificates, or Website Purchases. Also, your Skin Gym discount is non-transferable.