All Medical procedures provided by Skin Health Experts Medical Corporation.


DermaLucent™ Red Facial
Skin is illuminated with red LED to increase collagen production and help protect the skin from free radical damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays.


DermaLucent™ Renew White Facial
Skin is illuminated with white LED to rebuild collagen, increase volume, and flush toxins.


DermaLucent™ Renew Series
DermaLucent Light Therapy utilizes visible and invisible LEDs to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Customized with Kate Somerville’s Signature Dermal Boosters, this solution-oriented service softens lines, evens skin tone and leaves skin luminous.


Laser Genesis®
By warming the skin and stimulating collagen, this painless treatment polishes the complexion, reduces redness and decreases pore size and fine lines.


Limelight® Therapy
The procedure offers to improve skin tone and imperfections associated with photo damage and aging


Vascular Therapy
Using our safe and effective laser technology, treat vascular issues on the face, neck, chest and legs.

Global Treatment
This revolutionary treatment delivers breakthrough results and helps eliminate vascular conditions, redness, rosacea and discoloration, restoring a more normalized skin tone and color.