All Medical procedures provided by Skin Health Experts Medical Corporation.


Kate Somerville Signature Facial
This result-driven facial is the introduction to a lifetime of younger-looking skin and was specifically developed to bring back a more youthful, hydrated and smooth complexion.


DermaLucent™ Red Facial
Skin is illuminated with red LED to increase collagen production and help protect the skin from free radical damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays.


Laser Hair Removal
A safe, comfortable, and effective way to remove hair from the root level. Permanent hair reduction on all skin types.


Laser Genesis®
By warming the skin and stimulating collagen, this painless treatment polishes the complexion, reduces redness and decreases pore size and fine lines.


VI Peel and VI Plus
A synergistic blend of powerful ingredients, including Retinoic Acid, making it suitable for all skin types. In about one week enjoy a more radiant, firmer, and youthful complexion.